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Guilford Foundation Awards $30,300 in Grants in December 2014

In December, the Guilford Foundation (TGF) Board of Directors awarded 7 grants to organizations serving Guilford, totaling $30,300 and ranging in size from $1,300 to $7,500. The grants cover a number of issues, including ESL training, nutrition programs for shoreline residents who struggle financially, programs for individuals with different abilities, and programs for children. In addition, TGF is pleased to announce that $7,500 will go to the Partnership for Strong Communities to help Guilford address our lack of diverse housing, an issue of key focus for TGF.

Board President Tom Pinchbeck noted, “We are pleased to support these organizations serving Guilford’s neediest families and who enhance our town’s quality of life. With these grants, the Guilford Foundation has invested a total of $77,499 in Guilford in 2014, and we are grateful to those donors and supporters whose contributions allow us to meet Guilford’s unique needs.”

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Guilford Foundation Proud to Announce Fund for Food

At a time when families gather to celebrate the holiday season with neighbors and loved ones, the community also takes time to consider the needs of those who may not be able to provide the kind of meals for their family they would like or need. Guilford is a town with great wealth, but we have community members among us who need our support.

The Guilford Foundation is pleased to announce the establishment of a permanent source of funding for the two local organizations that provide food for those in need: the Guilford Food Bank and the Saint George Food Pantry. Anita Catardi formally created the Catardi Family Loaves & Fishes Fund in memory of her husband, Salvatore Catardi, on National Hunger Awareness Day (September 4, 2014).

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Guilford Foundation Awards $23,449 in Grants in July 2014

In July 2014, the Guilford Foundation made grants totaling $23,449. The awards—listed below—include results from the competitive grant making process; awards from multi-year commitments; sponsorships, donor advised recommendations; and awards from our designated funds.

Chittenden Boardwalk at the June 22nd Dedication

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Youth Advisory Group Awards $6,000 in 2014

In April, YAG made grant awards to the following 6 local organizations:

  • $1,750 to Guilford Social Services for their back to school program
  • $1,500 to Women & Family Life Center for “Safe Search”
  • $1,000 to the Guilford Free Library for software for 3D printing
  • $1,000 to Shoreline Arts Alliance for Shakespearean Summer Camp for youth
  • $500 to Guilford High School’s Apple Pi Robotics for a new robot
  • $250 to Guilford Art Center for GHS field  trips

The GF Board of Directors was impressed by the group’s energetic fundraising and thoughtful deliberation of the grant applications. YAG continues to exceed expectations around the promotion and development of youth philanthropy. Kudos to Allen Jacobs and Patricia DeChiara for their volunteer guidance of these students.

2014 Scholarship Awards

The Guilford Foundation is pleased to announce the 2014 scholarship awards, which were presented at the GHS Awards Night on June 2, 2014:

  • $1,500 Stuart D. Burt Fund Scholarship to Madeline Blank
  • $1,200 Al & Gene Bishop Fund for Vocational & Industrial Arts Scholarship to Michael Montesano
  • $1,100 Elizabeth “Lizzie” Schwanfelder Fund Scholarship to Megan Burke
  • $500 Carl A. Balestracci, Jr Humanitarian Fund Scholarship to Kathryn Van Steenbergen
  • $500 Carl A. Balestracci, Jr Humanitarian Fund Scholarship to Michael Greco
  • $500 Elisabeth Adams Fund Scholarship to Claire Suites
  • $500 Elisabeth Adams Fund Scholarship to Jake Morgan
  • $500 Stephen A. Looney Fund Scholarship to Wyatt Vilaseca
  • $500 Stephen A. Looney Fund Scholarship to Claire Weil
Congratulations to these impressive students! Many thanks to the GHS Guidance Office for their work in identifying students worthy of these awards.

Join TGF for our Annual Meeting & Celebration

Please join the Board of Directors and Corporators at the 2014 Annual Meeting & Celebration, to be held at 6pm on Thursday, May 22, at the Guilford Yacht Club. Contact Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director, at to secure your seats or if you have any questions.

Admission is $75 / $100 per person.

Live music by Dr. Joe & Friends.

Please RSVP by May 14.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Murtha Cullina

The Bilco Company

Frank’s Package Store

Guilford Foundation Awards $7,000 In Grants

The Board of Directors recently approved three grants, of nine received, from our March 1, 2014, deadline submissions. Because the Guilford Foundation has decided to focus the majority of our grant making this year on housing concerns in Guilford, we were faced with the difficult situation of being unable to fund several worthy requests.

We are pleased to report, however, that two of the grants responded in some way to the need for housing opportunities for young adults, seniors, and families with low or moderate income: requests from the Women & Family Life Center and Lifelinx each addressed the issue in some way. Our third grant supports the once-in-a-lifetime celebration of Guilford’s 375th Anniversary.

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Bishop’s Fund Drive Provides $8,460.28 for Guilford Community Fund Endowment

Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market & Winery recently provided the Guilford Foundation with a $8,460.28 check to support a new permanent legacy fund: The Lee Family Fund to Support the Guilford Community Fund. This donation reflects the results of a fund drive held in November 2013 that encouraged shoppers to give a tax-deductible donation at check out. Bishop’s also encouraged employees to donate, and, in the end, matched all donations.

The Guilford Community Fund Endowment is being established through the generosity of Bill and Kate Lee and their family, who are longtime supporters of both the Guilford Foundation and the Guilford Community Fund. The Lees have offered up to $25,000 to this effort if the community can match it.

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Bishop’s Orchards to offer Giving Opportunity for Guilford

During the month of November, Bishop’s Orchards Farm Market & Winery will provide an opportunity to support the Guilford community when you check out. After shoppers have loaded up on supplies of native fruits, vegetables and other goodies, they will have the option to make a tax-deductible donation to a new legacy endowment for the Guilford Community Fund. And, to sweeten the pot, Bishop’s will match each donation made at the register during the month—dollar for dollar!

“We, the Bishop Family, are pleased to be able to help support this legacy that is being created, both as a family and a local business,” says Sarah Bishop DellaVentura. “We are proud to be a part of this community and to give back what we can.  We believe that our customers can help us to rise to the challenge to help raise funds for this endowment and feel good knowing that they are giving back to the community themselves too!”

The donations will support a new permanent legacy fund at the Guilford Foundation, whose proceeds will support the annual fund drive of the Guilford Community Fund. The Guilford Community Fund Endowment is being established through the generosity of Bill and Kate Lee and their family, who are longtime supporters of both the Guilford Foundation and the Guilford Community Fund. The Lees have offered up to $25,000 for this effort if the community—including the Bishop’s challenge—can match it. This means a dollar given at the register Bishop’s will be quadrupled ($1 at register will be matched by $1 from Bishops, totaling $2, which will be matched by the Lees for a total of $4 for the Fund).

The income from the Guilford Community Fund Endowment will provide a source of permanent support for the Community Fund’s Annual Appeal, which raises and distributes over $120,000 each year to non-profit organizations best qualified to serve Guilford residents in need. These funds are critical to the ability of these organizations to address needs in Guilford, from services for intellectual disabilities to outdoor education to housing to women in transition to mental health services to Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank.

“Two things thrill me about this giving opportunity,” states Lydia Forgetta-Sheffield, President, Guilford Community Fund. “One is that you will be given the chance to double the value of your gift and share it with the members of our Guilford community. And the other is that you will be part of the legacy! You never know when you may need the assistance of one of our 22 agencies! Thank you to the Lees and the Bishops for this chance to start the endowment.  Come, give, and share this November.”

The mission of the Guilford Foundation is to connect people who care with the causes that matter to them to enrich the quality of life in Guilford; now and for generations to come. Tom Pinchbeck, President of the Guilford Foundation Board of Directors notes: “We are delighted to help connect the Lee Family with a cause that matters to them, and to all of us: the annual fund drive of the Community Fund. To have the Bishops family join this effort demonstrates, once again, the power of collaboration and the strength of the Guilford community.”

Community Conversation on Affordable Housing

A community meeting was held on Thursday, September 12th at the Greene Community Center in Guilford on the subject of affordable housing. The purpose of the meeting was be to explore strategies and opportunities for bringing more affordable housing to shoreline communities to meet the diverse needs of different age groups and income levels. Read here about the event as reported in the New Haven Register.

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