Guilford Foundation Provides 2011 Scholarships to 9 College Bound Graduates

Nina Haddad, Carl Balestracci and William Greco

As summer winds down and recent high school graduates prepare to enter their freshman year, the Guilford Foundation is pleased to report that nine Guilford High School graduates were awarded scholarships to help offset the costs of their education. The records of these remarkable students reflect their hard work and commitment to personal development and inspire hope in the future citizenry of our great town.

The nine students (as well as their colleges) are as follows:

  • Elizabeth C. Adams Fund: Dara Davis (Vassar College) and Eric M. Veitch (University of Maine)
  • Stephen A. Looney Fund: Erica DePalma (Fordham University) and Jake X. Slade (University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Carl A. Balestracci, Jr. Humanitarian Fund: Nina Haddad (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and William G. Greco (Georgetown University)
  • Stuart D. Burt Fund: Austin Braumann (Bryant University)
  • Elizabeth M. “Lizzie” Schwanfelder Scholarship Fund: Jessica E. Penman (University of Delaware)
  • Al and Gene Bishop Fund for Vocational & Industrial Arts: Patrick Conrad (University of Maine)

The Guilford Foundation salutes these community members and their families for this special recognition.  TGF also gratefully acknowledges the Guilford High School Guidance Office for their assistance in identifying these students.

Eric Veitch, Joan Shrewsbury, and Dara Davis

Jake Slade, Sharon Durham and Erica DePalma

Nina Haddad, Carl Balestracci and William Greco

Austin Brauman and Stephen Page

Elisa Milano, Jessica Penman and Jennifer Harmon

Patrick Conrad and Gene Bishop

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