Community Matters – Recovery Support

Mental health issues and addiction are more prevalent than one would think. Even with increased awareness, these can be unpopular topics and ones that people avoid discussing or  addressing. Through our 2022 competitive grant process, we support a range of organizations providing these critical services that save and transform lives one at a time.

Lifelinx is a Guilford-based organization founded by a group of recovering addicts. The mission is to reduce relapse and provide long term sustain-able recovery for people who are in or are seeking recovery. The services are most associated with transportation for recovering people. This means drives to treatment, or detox, to social services,  the hospital, etc. But there is more. While Lifelinx does not diagnose or provide clinical treatment, the small staff and loyal group of volunteers are  experts at getting people help with services that best fit their situation. They know how you can  receive care, where the care facilities are located, how to navigate insurance issues. They provide coaching and referrals, operate 3 sober houses, and, of course, they know how to get to the care safely.

Board Member Wayne Jarvis is grateful for TGF and the Guilford community. “When people care, that’s when magic happens. When others get involved then what we can do with a lot of help, it’s amazing,” Wayne notes. “And it doesn’t matter how many times you  failed. You are no longer powerless against this disease. We won’t give up on you.”

Recovery Move
Recovery Move, also in Guilford, helps address the needs of at-risk teens and young adults – those struggling with addiction, mental illness, or other traumatic events such as abuse or loss. The concept combines healing through exercise. The program currently serves about 30-40 individuals who participate in workouts (recently expanded to include yoga) followed by meetings.

As Founder Clint Zeidenberg explains, “With young adults, when we have a meeting, they are so much more open to share after a workout.  The happy hormones, the endorphins kick in, so they have  great confidence. We have the meetings right  after the workout, so they feel that confidence.  It’s awesome.”

Take a look at the recent issue of Guilford Events to learn more about TGF’s our support of recovery Guilford-based recovery service programs.