Legacy Funds:

Stanley Page Fund

This is an unrestricted fund. Unrestricted funds are the most flexible when it comes to responding to the changes in the Guilford community.

Stanley H. Page lost his battle with cancer at the young age of 41. However it is his zest for life and caring for others that his family celebrates. “In service to community and state; in devotion and example to family and friends; in professional and personal achievement, Stanley H. Page in 41 years lived fully and accomplished more than many people do in a lifetime twice as long” wrote his father-in-law Phil Dudley.

Stanley was widely admired as a man of enthusiasm, conviction, and positive action. His contributions to the town of Guilford were numerous: A state senator for four years, partner in the Page Hardware and Appliance Company, chairman of the police commission, member of the Jaycees, president of Guilford Volunteer Fire Department, coach and referee for Guilford girls’ soccer, and active participant behind the scenes in virtually every aspect of Guilford’s political life.

The Page family established this fund upon Stanley’s death in 1984, requesting that income be used for general fund projects recommended by the Board of Directors. “We chose to establish our memorial fund at The Guilford Foundation because we thought this was the best place to reflect Stanley’s deep love for Guilford and his active involvement in so many things,” explains his wife Laura. “The idea of nurturing start-ups and fostering new initiatives for the community was very appealing.” The Stanley H. Page Fund remains a fitting tribute to a man who was one of the founders of The Guilford Foundation.