Legacy Funds:

Catardi Family Loaves & Fishes Fund

Anita Catardi established this restricted fund in 2014 to create a permanent source of funding for the two local organizations that provide food for those in need in Guilford: the Guilford Food Bank and the St. George Food Pantry.

Guilford is a town with great wealth, but we have community members among us who need our support. Anita Catardi formally created the Catardi Family Loaves & Fishes Fund in memory of her husband, Salvatore Catardi, on National Hunger Awareness Day (September 4, 2014).

Anita set up this fund to honor Sal’s dedication to the Guilford community and his concern for those in need. Anita tells a wonderful story of Sal’s mother (her mother-in-law), who raised six children and didn’t have very much, but always had enough to feed the extra neighborhood kid who inevitably came to the table. Her door was always open, and she never turned anyone away. Anita says: “She’d turn what little they had into a feast.”

The Guilford Food Bank and the St. George Food Pantry will receive an annual contribution from this fund each year, forever, thanks to Anita’s generosity and kind remembrance of Sal.