Guilford Institute Fund

The Guilford Foundation maintains a designated fund called the Guilford Institute Fund. The purpose of this permanent legacy fund is to provide support to Guilford High School through the Board of Education as hereinafter provided.

The fund has the following restrictions:

  • Funds shall not be used to replace any tax dollars, nor deficit reduction; nor regular maintenance; nor anything that falls under the ongoing school board budget.
  • The funds shall be used for special projects, including but not limited to innovations in teaching/learning; projects that fall outside regular school budgets’ one-time capital investments (e.g., scoreboards, equipment, etc.).

Procedures for Grant Making

Step One: Secure requests for grants for the Guilford Institute Funds

The Principal of Guilford High School will solicit projects ideas from the faculty, the leadership team, and student government. Any project wishing to be considered for funding will complete a grant application created by The Guilford Foundation.

Applications will be submitted to the GHS Principal by March 15 of each year. The principal will provide all applications to The Guilford Foundation Interact Youth Advisory Group (YAG) no later than April 1. The principal will offer his/her priorities for YAG’s consideration during their grant review process.

Step Two: The Guilford Foundation Interact Youth Advisory Group reviews grant requests

The Guilford Foundation currently partners with the Guilford High School Interact Club through a Youth Advisory Group (YAG) to promote youth philanthropy. As part of its work, YAG solicits and reviews grant requests from the Guilford community on an annual basis and makes recommendations to The Guilford Foundation. In addition to this ongoing grant review process for YAG funds, the YAG group would be charged to establish a separate but simultaneous review process for applications for funding through the Guilford Institute Fund.

Step Three: YAG presents grant recommendations to The Guilford Foundation Board

As part of its annual grant recommendation process that happens in May/June of each year, the YAG group will also present its recommendation to The Guilford Foundation Board of Directors for funding through the Guilford Institute fund. The Guilford Foundation Board will review and make a determination on the recommendation from YAG. Successful requests will be funded through a check made to the Guilford Board of Education. Successful grants will acknowledge The Guilford Foundation’s Guilford Institute Fund.


Download the Grant Application Form

For further assistance, contact Liza Janssen Petra, Executive Director, at or (203) 745 9930.