Our First Project

The Guilford Foundation’s first project

In 1975, Betty Stevens, Hugh Jones, Stanley Page, John Leffingwell, and Lawrence Appleton planted the seed that became The Guilford Foundation.

The group began its work by organizing beautification efforts for the area around the town Green. Their actions resulted in the creation of an endowment that raised money to plant and maintain trees in front of the stores on Whitfield Street facing the Green. Soon after, the group was incorporated and The Guilford Foundation expanded its focus to include many other aspects of community life. This philanthropic attitude inspired other citizens to establish funds in the name of loved ones in order to answer the growing needs of the community and its residents.

Our goal

Our goal is to make philanthropy easy and effective. We accomplish this by enabling donors to contribute to the projects and efforts in our community that they care about the most. We are especially invested in becoming the hub of philanthropy in Guilford; dedicated to meeting the diverse and ever-changing needs of our community…forever